-Made for MashUp game jam #1-


Size matters

Build the biggest base possible to survive the night

This game was made in 72 hours enjoy


"w,a,s,d"to move

"1" for pickaxe

"2" for sword

attack with Left click

eat with "E"

build mode with "Q"


This is a procedurally generated world with a limited size. Gather resources at day and defend your base at night. When the darkness comes so does the undead.

And i features permadeath!!!

The anvil is useless at this time

On day 4 there comes big skeletons with speed hack this isnt ment to be that way







Updated 12 days ago
GenreSurvival, Action
Made withConstruct
Tags2D, Crafting, lone-survivor, Pixel Art, Top-Down

Development log


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This  game feels like it was made for me, I love TD and survival games. I am ecstatic to know you are making more. you are a good developer

Thank u very much man :D

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Hi, i really like how you did the procedural generation in this game, would you consider posting a tutorial on you channel about it?

thank you.

also, great game!

yea i have been thinking about that, im glad u liked the game

Congrats on 5th place!

Thank u very much


I had a pretty fun time playing this. With more updates I think that this game would be insanely good, and hopefully more people come and check it out, because it's worth the time. I'm ready for more info about this game

Thank u so much or enjoying it ^^


This is a mix of my 2 favorite types of games- TD and Survival. This is one of the best games I ever played. Thanks for making it free!

this is en early demo ^^


I covered my entire base in spikes, and it was really useful. I need to do that every time.

haha thats a cool tacti


If a skeleton walks next to your base, they get hit instantly.  I built my base to small, it was the only reason I survived night 3. 



Please Update


update coming soon? Take your time, but i can't wait

im glad u are hyped for a update^^

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Amazing game. Would be better with a chiptune soundtrack, and maybe better weapons and pickaxes (for the anvil?) 

yes that is what the anvil will be used for^^


Possible ways to win maybe? Such as mining every tree and rock on the map.


woo you made this in construct 2 its really impresev

Thank u man


Honestly, this game is amazing, i would recommend showing the tutorial in the game though and maybe a soundtrack. 10/10!

thank u very much


ahhh.... i would have beat night 4 but i lost my base....

maybe try adding like a little beacon so we can back?


side note, it really is an awesome game! I looove the idea and style. maybe if you can figure out how to fix the night 4 skeles to like night 7 as a boss fight that'd be awesome

Yea i really need to add a marker so u know where ur base is haha, and i will fix the night 4 skeletons aswell^^


This game is pretty cool! I like the idea of a resource gathering tower defense. I was actually thinking of making a game sort of like this, thanks for inspiring me :)

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This game is really fun! I only made it to day 6 tho lol. The only advice id give is too add less screen shaking and maybe let us hold the attack button so we dont have to click so much when getting resources C: 

Yea the screen shake gets kinda crazy and damn man day 6 thats really cool. Hold the button XD u lazy

This game is in progressing, i think it need to be updated a lot, there is one thing that i'm not pleasure when i lived in day 4, a whole lot damn of armed army with high speed suddenly attacked me, WTF is that?

haha idk what u mean on day 4 they shouldent be faster

the impossible game

I see your comment below, and i understand. But firstly, you have natural regeneration over time. Secondly, get good. (that was bit rude rude, what I mean is make sure to strafe away from enemies while attacking, or just run if you can't kill them)

or build a fat base


really fun!

I LOVE THIS GAME! I made a house in the day and it got SWARWED by monsters at night and it was overal very intense and fun! Nice job!

Thank u so much im really glad u liked it u got any ideas of what i should add?

add a healing system with no healing the game feels almost impossible

u can heal if u are over 80 % hunger but i need to make that more clear

This game is awsome, it is simple and thats is very good

Thank u very much im plaing to expand on it

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Overall the game is really cool, effects, buildings, art, animations because all those was made in 72 hours! But at the same time, crafting games really need more stuff, like items variety and gameplay freedom to make the player feel encaged to play, but I understand making this in 72 hours is just impossible, you already did a lot, so good luck in developing this game! Hope I'll see it on steam with co-op option once:). Great job

Thank u very much^^

Nice game, but you need more stuff to do!

A TD has multiple towers, right? So do that!

yea i will ^^

I wish it had like something more - still a great game

It was made 72 hours im going to add more thing add features when the jam is finished

I really love the art in this game. The game-play is really fun. I started this game and really eased into it taking my time to build my base and then all of a sudden a bunch of dudes attacked me. 10/10 would die again :P.

that makes me really happy that u liked the game so much

Here is the second video i promised, and i finally built a base with my co star!

Let me know if posting more than 1 video is annoying, i can always remove the links to this comment. 

I will be playing more after the next update ;)

Nice Game 

Thank u ^^

very good

thats all i can say


Awesome game dude! I really like it a lot. Thank you.

Im glad u enjoyed it

Really well made game! I could definitely see myself playing this for a little bit too long...

Yea i played it alot while making it

Incredibly enjoyable, I played for an hour or a half. It's a great concept and i can't wait to see where it goes!

Thank u so much ^^

I somehow couldn't build a home...

I love the game! I will make another video to show all content because i am inept and couldn't show everything in 10 min...

Cool man ^^

ScreenShake heaven :D

For sure hehe


great game bro keep it u

Thank u man ^^