version0.0.2 ​A new playable uptdate!!!!

A new playable uptdate!!!!


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I LOVE THIS! if on the jam version i spent hours playing now with more content it's gonna be a blast! 

i glad u are liking ing this much man :D


Incredible. So much more fun than before, the snow biome is great, and progression is feeling really fun. The anvil functionality is great! Only problems i have is, 1. you can still destroy two resources at once at the right angle, and 2. Crystal tool costs seem incorrect, as well as the anvil still displaying crystal tool upgrades when you have them. I can't wait to see what else you add, this is looking really great so far.


Made it to day 13. Great game!

wow that base is insane

Ur base was insane man, hmm i will check that out , im glad u are liking this game this much :D

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this update is awesome! Before i would get a little bored of playing due to the old gameplay loop being a little repetitive, just collect resources, add ballistas walls and spikes to your base, over and over. But this update fixes that. Now you can collect resources, upgrade your tools, place different ballistas, upgrade your walls, go to the snow biome and collect crystals, fight skeletons, and even more. The gameplay just has so much more added to it with the update. Also, the minimap is super helpful, since getting lost is pretty easy when everything looks super similar. The only improvement that i could think of for this update is when you switch tools, your hotbar can show the type of tool you have instead of the default ones. Overall, amazing update! Wow i wrote a whole paragraph about this lol


Thank u so mauch man i really appriciate this comment. im glad u feel like the game has improved this much. And yea i just forgot about adding that thank u for pointing it out :D


No problem im just happy with the update :D been waiting for it for a while, although i totally understand why you didn’t want to work on it for a while i know that working on one game can get boring sometimes. Thank u for this update :)