-Made for Benbonk game jam #1-


This is a platformer with challanging combat


Trust no one. 


So i made a game about a samurai who was betrayed by his coworkers who drank all his milk so he no longer trust anyone.







Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
GenreAction, Platformer
Made withConstruct
Tags2D, Pixel Art, samurai, Singleplayer


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love it! This could be expanded to a full release with other weapons. An idea is to add a kunai spear as a main weapon that perhaps could do high damage and be very fast but have a hard-to-wield animation. I think a dash would be cool though, and instead using buttons to attack would make it feel better

really good game

one hit kills plsss

wow great game!!!!

This has great effects

Thank u





no how could they

They are pure evil

Made a video


That really cool

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Spectacular game.

Love the look, sound, and feel of the game-play. By far the top 3 features are slow-mo when smashing through windows, carving bullets in half as they fly at your face, and the kunai. RETRIEVABLE THROWN WEAPONS!!! Pay attention every AAA game studio out there. RETRIEVABLE... THROWN... WEAPONS... Which can cruise through multiple enemies and windows in a single toss. Now that's an addictive mechanic.

Check out YouTube.com/c/HowToRollDice at 3pm EST today for my Let's Play upload.

Thank u so much HowToRollDice it will be really cool to see u play my game

What in the holy heck?? Why can you move the blood and stuff with arrow keys??

omg hahahaah ehmmm..... lets not think about that

HAHA, thanks for responding. 

jump is kinda iffy tho...

THis is literally pretty much karlson 2d...



I really like the game and the fact that you can cut bullets in half. Great Game!

Thanks man ^^

Movement is a bit stiff but other than that I enjoyed.

nice im glad u did^^


This is epic

Thanks man


Im getting some serious Karlson vibes from this. Definitely my favorite game so far.

haha yea milk and roof tops


Nice Design and nice Gamemusic. Some healthpotions could be nice (:

hehe its pretty hard


So fun and so smooth ! And cutting bullets in half is just awesome, well done !

Thanks i worked really hard on the attacking feedback

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I think the game has enough feedback, which is a critical point in many games. I would like to have some kind of health regeneration or potions and aiming in the direction, you are clicking, but the art in the game is amazing for a gamejam. I also like the music, because I like music with repeating patterns. Also the shooting enemy shoots instantly at you, when its loaded. This is not a huge problem, because you can slice their bullets, but it is still annoying

yea the gun guys are pretty rough to fight sometimes, im so gald u liked the art and music thank u^^