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i can't belive that you made it in under that 48 hours

Hard work my man :D

This looks awesome! I love the pixel art!


thank u very much


Is the boss's jumping attack supposed to do something? It doesn't do any damage as far as I know.

it should to dmg on the landing

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Doesn't look like it. Look at 0:48.

Made a video


Great game, but the boss fight was way too hard with the finnicky movement, and the boss would NOT shut up


hahah yea i have heard that he spams his voice lines until u go insane


Oh you better believe it. Sucks too, because the voicelines would be powerful and intimidating if they weren't played nearly to the point of overlapping




I really enjoyed the game. The art and music nicely tie together to suit the theme. I think the story was a nice touch and I like how the corruption became more visible as you play the game. After killing a bunch of enemies, it began to feel a bit tedious as there was no reward for killing them. The boss was a bit tough, to be honest, and it can be impossible to beat when he spawns too many enemies. Nonetheless, this was a fun game to play. Well done WuzzyWizard!

thank u very much man:D

Modern indie metroidvanias make a really high bar - what with hollow knight, axiom verge, Gato Roboto (ha ha ha) - but I thikn this game more or less feels like that level in terms of polish, gameplay and feel. The rooms feel kinda samey though, and there is no money or upgrades of anything along those lines to encourage killing everything as opposed to runnign straight through all the rooms. Feels wierd to just restart the room on death though, but that might be for the better as a game jam game (don't want to frustrate anyone)

I definitely agree with what you have said.

Yea i would like to have added more and make more exploration so it acually matter what way u choose to go, but i only had 48 hours to make this game :D


really cool game though I approve


I see the similarities with hollow knight. I love the art, but the player should flip over the x axis when moving in a different direction.

Im glad i liked it, do u mean like paper flip effect?

Well maybe this was just a bug but when I moveleft the character doesnt look left.

oh then its a bug thats really weird

oh ok.


Awesome game! The visual were incredible and I can tell the hollow knight inspiration. The combat has a learning curve but can be overcame.

The boss was great but if you had 1 health entering the room, you are screwed. And the little white health things; i see no reason to go and collect them, as they don't increase max HP to my knowledge.

However, this is honestly pretty well polished and very well executed. You have done really well, great job!

Thank u so much man yea maybe i sould have put i hp pick up in the boss room or make enemies drop healt. im glad u ejoyed it tho ;D


Awesome game! The controls feel great, although the combat still could be improved, not having played hollow knight, I had some issues with the melee combat. I often slipped a little to far bumping into an enemy.

The one thing that has me confused is the goal. I kind of mindlessly ran from chamber to chamber, but it seemed to loop around.

Finally, in terms of art you did a fenomal job!


Im glad u liked it, in one of the rooms there is a door in the bottom^^


Definitely felt the hollow knight inspiration on this one. Really liked the visuals. 

The boss fight took me quite a few tries. Once he starts spawning the flies in it makes it really hard to get close enough to do damage.

You can also get teleported back and forth between the levels if you stand at the level transition point without moving.

Would also be nice if the music looped continously through the game instead of restarting on every new scene change.


Thank u, i really focused on the visuals cuz that is what i enjoy so om glad u like it and also i know about the teleporting i dont know a better way to make it yet :D


This game is beautiful. Controls really nicely, has great game feel. Love the art style too. It has loads of atmosphere. Great work!

Thank u very much :D